Friday, 2 September 2011

The Bubble Dress

When: 2009
Where: Various Venues
Why: Tour outfit

Wraptastic! Ok they're not actual bubbles, but actual plastic balls formed into one of Gaga's leotards. It's a  high end knockoff of sorts as the inspiration comes from Hussein Chalayan's spring 2007 runway show. At the time of this tour there wasn't the budget for the original. Gaga had become synonymous with wearing 'out there' leotards up until this point but she started adopting all sorts of new looks by the time the tour started.  This coat made of bubbles made an impact as it left little to the imagination whereas the original covered the crotch area. Gaga wore this bubble dress on her 23 date Fame Ball tour. The other highly original thing about this dress is that it merged clothes and instrument design as the theme of bubbles carries on into the perspex 'piano' that she's playing. Classic Gaga and 'Haus' style in that she references someone's idea and just enhances it to a whole new level! Go Girl!

Image Credit: Album 1600, Blogger

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